Did I Bring a Ghost Home?

"I think I brought a ghost home with me from a ghost hunt."

I hear this lament a LOT.  There are concepts perpetuated in the ghost investigation realm that are the equivalent of Old Wives Tales. I believe, this is one of them.

Now, let me explain how this mechanism works (mind you, from a lifetime of observances and realizations through study and a dose of objective evaluation).

Ghosts are not hitchhikers (nor do they attach themselves to objects, though they might leave negative or positive energy on an object they once handled while alive, as well as memories that can be picked by a psychic or unconsciously by a sensitive person).

Ghosts are basically everywhere, but not a part of our "shallow dimension" any longer. They are not locked into a location, don't know they're dead, have unfinished business or any other hooey. That is an assumption by people on this side - without considering what the other side IS.  They are attributing human/physical world motivations that are no longer applicable once deceased.

Souls of the dead have moved into a dimension that offers them a brilliant world of connection to the universe and to all knowledge, all beauty, and no concerns for what they had been. 

In fact, the longer a near-death experiencer is in the other realm - they begin to forget who they were, where they came from - a kind of amnesia of the physical life.  This also greatly explains why we are not constantly harassed by our dead relatives. When we do have encounters, we often attribute them to dead family members for the simple reason we figure they would want to talk to us or have a vested interest in our outcome.  Part of "ghosts" universal knowledge is the delight in knowing that we all end up there. What we do here is of little relevance when we turn over to the next "dimension" of existence. In fact, should they even be able to give us a concern, it would likely be because our soul has called to their soul - and this is what I will explain next.

To souls in the other realm, they do not sit around waiting to make contact. They are interconnected with all souls and when a living human ventures from his very small limited world by expanding his mind and soul beyond his physical form, he is suddenly interesting to the other side. Our soul is the beacon within us that, when we tap it through meditation, seance, prayer, or other means, we are noticed by the "others" who had passed on from the physical world. (*more of this will be discussed in my post tomorrow about why children have more encounters*) We may not have the capacity in this plane to understand their plane, we do have a universal umbilical - the soul - the part of us that remains through the transition.

You go on a ghost hunt and you do something you don't normally do at home; you sit still, concentrate on the other side, speak to it, try to make a contact. Like meditation, you've just turned your focus to other. You become a beacon of energy and an attractive element to the other side when you resonate from your soul. We often do not recognize our soul until we are out in nature, grieving a loved one, in church singing a hymn, or calling on the dead. It's as if you lit a match in a dark theater and now you are seen.

Whereas our physical form keeps us limited like an anchor from entering the other realm, the one part of us that can traverse that membrane is the soul.

Now, you head home after a ghost hunt, but you are still other oriented. You have basically created an awareness of the other side. When you get home, that awareness is applied to your home environment where, guess what, you share the space with the other dimension. You are now more tuned into how your body feels, sounds, sensations as you were in hyperawareness on the ghost hunt.

These encounters with touching the other side take time to wear off. There are things you can try to do to stop the interaction, like doing tasks that work your logical mind, but eventually you will sit still to go to bed and bam! The reason many of make contact as we're falling asleep is the alpha mind state we enter that allows communication to occur more easily. We might even refer to sleep as "soul exercising."

Near-death experiencers speak of having a new connection with the other side, children have a connection with the other side, those who lost a loved one have a connection to the other side, but these all grow more and more faint as the encounter gets further in our past.

A few people finally open up their inner "medium" when they make themselves receptive to communication with the other side. Latent abilities give rise. This is a shift to being more soul oriented.

The "openness" you created to speak with the other side will wear down over time, normally over a week, sometimes up to two months, unless you reactivate it with another investigation or visiting the grave of a loved one.

This also applies to use of a Ouija. Lots of people report bad experiences in their lives following use of a Ouija, but like a seance or an EVP session, you are calling on and focusing your attention on the other side. You have just created a receptiveness. In other words, for a time, you are a "ghost whisperer" where spirits can discern you as someone in tuned with their presence. Things only go "awry" after utilizing a Ouija board when folks start fearing the contact, retracting their souls, looking for signs of threat. It's amazing how you can interpret anything with the colored vision of belief. If you believe in demons or Evil coming through a Ouija, you will find proof. Interesting, I have never had a Devil, Evil, demon or possession concept and therefore have never encountered them.

How do you stop being a beacon? 

The same way you became one - you focus. You focus instead on day to day life, the tasks before you, the analytical type bullshit that keeps us from daydreaming or feeling human. Give yourself a day of going back to the grindstone and you are likely to have shed all attraction you might have had for the other side. You dig your heels back into the physical world and it's very mundane issues of food, water, shelter, work, relationships.... As souls like to try to communicate when you are falling asleep and coming awake and your mind is receptive, they will leave you alone when you are on mind-computer overload and no longer driven by "soul alliance."

You see, in the realm of paranormal study, there are many who consider superstition and belief to be study. That is close-minded, not study. Study opens itself up to what it sees in patterns and relationships. When someone tells you a Ouija left them haunted by ghosts or that they brought home entities and bad stuff happened to them, they are being superstitious and believing concepts told to them by the old wives tales pushers of spirituality/parapsychology and they are infecting you with that mindset. The truth of the other side is it does not concern itself with our immature physical realm anymore than we concern ourselves with what we were like at 4 years old once we've had a lifetime to get perspective and be mature and wise.

And, this may be the kicker of all concepts, but ghosts do not haunt us - we haunt them. We call upon them, we draw their attention, and pique their curiosity. They are only interested in us when they realize we recognize their presence and they are proud that we are using the soul while still bound to the physical parameters. 

Famous saying: "We are not humans having a spiritual experience, we are spiritual beings having a human experience."


"Proof of Heaven" by Eben Alexander III, M.D.

What the Bleep Do We Know? (DVD)

"We Don't Die" by Sandra Champlain


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