Carnival Rides For Sale: Sideshow Items For Sale!

I had a blast when I picked up a supposed Bigfoot tooth retired from a sideshow exhibit. I've always had a serious thing about carnivals and sideshows. In fact, my dream date is going to a roadside carnival.

I found this awesome seller on ebay and I thought - my readers will love seeing this stuff and, who knows? Maybe someone needs some carnival bling!

The Paratrooper ride above (one of my favs) is $18,000.

From the sideshow, how about this -

Unicorn horn for $84.50

How about a classic sideshow sign for $700?

How about an alien in a jar for $79.99?

Starting bid for the chupacabra mummified paw above is $29.99.

How about a genuine ticket stand for $3500?

I admit, this shop fascinates me and I want one of everything basically. You will find lots of very bizarre retired sideshow items and props, signs, and rides here - at Great American Circus Sideshows


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