Bigfoot, Neanderthal and Adrenal Glands

A couple things have nagged me about Bigfoot more than others: How does he fit in evolutionary-wise when he is overly developed physically yet seems to be less evolved mentally, and why does he insist on being so shy?
Typing up a report for my work (hospital medical transcription) something dawned on me - cortisol, hormones, the pituitary gland and the endocrine system.
Adrenal glands in the human body sit atop the kidneys. They produce and release cortisol hormone in times of stress to help with fight-or-flight. They also control the proportions of salt and water in the body, as well as the growth of the mammal.  Interestingly, these hormones that help regulate growth also can give one extra fullness around the neck and upper back and excessive hair growth with male characteristics. The adrenal glands release cortisol hormone that helps with energy necessary to deal with stress. The adrenal glands are driven by the pituitary gland in the brain. In the case of those with acromegaly (who grow to enormous heights), a disruption in the pituitary gland, such as a tumor, has caused it to keep sending out signals for release of growth hormones. It also releases the male hormones that give muscles and hair growth - typically male characteristics.
Imagine a being who has enlarged adrenal glands by adaptation or a robustly overactive pituitary gland; this would be a hairier, taller, and possibly more fight-or-flight driven being with stress hormones that make it inherently shy. If this being had been originally evolving in a northern climate, he would have needed hairiness, power, height, and fight-or-flight senses to survive harsh conditions, not to mention mastodons and other threats.  The endocrine system would have been the most important aspect to develop to have immunity, power, warmth, and acute senses. What this would have evolved into would be a shy and nervous, on the alert, hairy giant by evolutionary adaptation means and not the more magical nephilim (angels who mated with human women creating a giant race) explanation.
Let's talk for a moment about a potential race of people who could have originated this adaptation - Neanderthal. This branch of the human family was believed to be in Europe from 600,000 to 350,000 years ago and believed to have stopped existing around 32,000 to 33,000 years ago.  Paleo-Indians were believed to launch into the Americas around 15,000 to 17,000 years ago. Perhaps beside them were another group of humans seeking more resources. 
Although many artist renditions of early modern man show Neanderthal in various stages of cave-man appearance, they also show him often fairly hairless. The truth is, given the lifestyle of hunter gatherers, it would likely have been that every follicle produced a coarse hair for protection from elements. Such changes as more fine sparse hairs that we have today are the result of living in agricultural situations and protected from the elements.  Now, imagine this Neanderthal below with hair -

So, even those these artist renditions might be fanciful of what Neanderthal was like, he might be the more likely to be the ancestor who adapted. Neanderthal perhaps did not die, but in Northern European climates, adapted larger adrenal glands, a more robust pituitary gland, surviving the climate and mastodons and other dangers, to eventually move into the Americas and settle in to become what is now known as the shy hairy giants. 
Of course, this is just another one of my theories I'm knocking around, but I do like how it neatly explains a tall hairy shy nature in a way that makes sense by evolutionary means. 
Frame of reference: World's tallest recorded man, 8 feet 11 inches - a common height reported for Bigfoot -


  1. Maybe, just maybe, Bigfoot is the living fossil Gigantopithecus.

  2. Robert Wadlow was my grandmother's cousin. (Wadlow was her maiden name) It was fun taking a photo of his full-sized replica statue outside the Ripley's Believe It Or Not Museum in Niagara Falls, Canada. I can't imagine how impressive it must have been to see him in real life, but I'd rather have met him than Bigfoot.

  3. I'm not a scientist, but of all the possible explanations I've heard this seems logical. I first heard of this possibility from Lloyd Pye. Although,I part ways with his thinking when it comes to ancient aliens and hybrids and what not.

  4. I'm not a scientist, but of all the possible explanations I've heard this seems logical. I first heard of this possibility from Lloyd Pye. Although,I part ways with his thinking when it comes to ancient aliens and hybrids and what not.

  5. As a minister and theologian I know that the Son's of God, mentioned in Genesis 6:1 are not angels but the descendants of Adam, through Seth, and the other 600 children the Jewish Rabbis say they had. In Genesis 4:26 where it said then men began to call upon the name of the Lord, it actually says in Hebrew then did men call themselves by the name of the Lord, which is what a son does. The daughters of men are descended from the men of another race created on the sixth day in Genesis 1:27. Adam, was created after God's seventh day rest so a different race entirely, genetics says the Black, people were first, and then Red men Adam, or in Hebrew Adammha, means man of redness. The Giants mentioned in Genesis 6:4 mentioned before were not true giants there are giants mentioned in the bible but not here. The Jewish scholars who translated the Torah, the first five books into Greek in Alexandria Egypt, used incorrectly due to pagan influence the Greek word Giate, giant, but in original Hebrew it is Nephil, plural Nephilim, which doesn't mean a giant at all, it means a low down one, a creature beneath the sons of God, and sixth day men. Ancient Hebrew writings describe them as short stocky hairy brutish man like creatures, some Jewish scientists have put forth the idea that they are indicating Neanderthals. As someone who has witnessed Bigfoot several times I would have to say they looked more Ape like than man like, possibly Gigantopithecus, or Denisovan, since we really don't know what they looked like only that they were quite large, or perhaps some previously unknown Hominid, since there seems to be four types it could be all of these. I do not believe them to be hybrids since we are hybrids being mainly Cro-Magnum, aka Modern Human, part Neanderthal, and Denisovan, and DNA indicates a fourth yet unrecognized species who contributed to our makeup, unless your African, they seem to be the purest race with more genetic diversity in a small village than all other humans on the rest of the earth. The white people are the newest being at best six to eight thousand years old, and according to genetic tracking all from the Anatolian region of Turkey, replacing many of the Red people especially in the North Western latitudes. By the way the book of Enoch, the Jews, have says Noah, was the first White skinned blue eyed individual ever and his Ark landed in the Anatolian region.

  6. Thank you for reinforcing a contemplation I have been rationalizing for some time.


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