Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Bigfoot-Human Hybrids?

(8'11" man - above)
Beckwith-Weidemann syndrome involves enlargement of the adrenal glands and gigantism. This abnormality found in humans can also account for unusually large humans of all kinds. Bigfoot might possibly be of a human branch that has large adrenal glands and their size is not some kind of aberration, but perfectly natural for someone with large adrenal glands in their anatomy. (see my post yesterday about Bigfoot, Neanderthal and Adrenal Glands.")
Gigantism and hypertrichosis (above and below), two issues with genes that can lead to unusual characteristics in the human "norm," but what if a being in the human family's "normal" genes included these two characteristics? Then, our hairless and short characteristics would look like aberrations to the the "tall hairy ones."

 Something as subtle as a chromosomal deletion, duplication, or recessive trait and someone can look vastly different. So, when we see Bigfoot as being incredibly different than us, we might be talking about a being whose normal traits are to have large adrenal glands and hypertrichosis. If those conditions can create people that look like the ones above, then Bigfoot is not any different in appearances--just put the two together.
Where it gets more intriguing is whether or not Bigfoot can mate with humans and create hybrids. There is no reason to think that, if they are simply a variant of the human tree, that they couldn't mate with us. After all, homo sapiens mated with Denosvans and Neanderthal. 
How might we know if a human was a hybrid? Well, we know some humans can be hairy and some can be tall, but did you know that familial hypertrichosis (wolf man syndrome-above) showed up in the Middle Ages in one family and all cases have come from that family's genes? Interesting how a condition like that shows up out of nowhere. Or was it nowhere?
  ("Patty the Bigfoot with and without hair)
Let's look into our past to see how a hybrid might be possible. If the massive amounts of reports of ancient giant skeletons are true, and if these different humans could mate with us, what might we find of traces of them in our genes? If the double rows of teeth, height, and polydactly are true (extra fingers/toes), then these sorts of oddities that show up in humans might be from their influence in the gene pool. As well, if we study what chromosomes these features show up in, we might learn a few more things about what they might have been like physically and physiologically as well as other traits they might have had or passed on through interbreeding with us.
The case of Julia Pastrana

Julia Pastrana from (1834 to 1860) from Sinaloa, Mexico

Condition: Hypertrichosis - a body covered in thick dark hair.

Double row of teeth - giving her an ape-like protrusion of her mouth.

Who originated the double rows of teeth and body hair? Ancient giants whose skeletons were uncovered revealing double rows of teeth - Bigfoot who might be a hybrid feral version of ancient giants and Native people?

Julia bred with a "normal" man and produced a baby with her same conditions that didn't live long. She died soon after birth of complications. Confused physicians of the time thought she was a hybrid of an orangutan and a human mating. Interestingly, her origins were sketchy. A man purchased her from a woman who might have been her mother. Father is unknown. He taught her to dance and play music and touted her as a bearded lady. She learned to read and write in several languages and married her owner and bred with him. The child was born with her same features and died three days later. Julia died soon after of complications of childbirth.

In a horrifying turn of events, the man who married her, had her and his dead son both mummified and put under glass for display. Amazingly, this creepy man found another woman just like her, married her and became wealthy exhibiting her. He later went insane and was put away.

Her and her baby were mummified upon their deaths. The mummies disappeared from public view. After many horrible changes of hands and awful fates for her remains, her body was sent back to Mexico and buried in Sinaloa de Leyva, the area of her home.

Was she a potential hybrid of human/Bigfoot mating? Who was her father? Either he was a Bigfoot or perhaps he carried the hypertrichosis condition that was traced back to one single family in the Middle Ages by unexplained means. 

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