Paradigm Symposium

What are you doing October 17-20th?  If you're a real paranormal geek, you will move heaven and earth to go to the Paradigm Symposium. This is not ghost-celebrity-thon. This is real thinkers in the field, real researchers, in all things paranormal. What a mindfest! I will do everything I can do attend this one.

Just some of the outstandingly intelligent and open-minded researchers that will be there -
Scott Wolter - forensic geologist from the awesome show "America Unearthed," finding proof that there were others here long before Columbus.

Robert Bauval - Egyptologist and author. 

Nick Redfern - my personal favorite researcher/author on all subjects of cryptids and men in black and everything in between.

Scotty Roberts - Intrepid Magazine 

Dr. John DeSalvo - physicist/biophysicist

and many more!!!

I do believe all these deliciously brilliant men in hats and khakis might cause my first ever adolescent-like bawling, wailing and fainting. To me, as a paranormal geek, this is the ultimate concert equivalent of a 1980s boy band. I get palpitations just thinking about the panel of minds.  I really hope I can get there. I think my toes will be curled the entire time, just absorbing that collecting research and insight into all things ancient and modern mysteries.