Mountain Park Ranch Apartments in Ahwatukee - DO NOT RENT THERE!

I moved into the apartment complex because my son was living there and I was going through a divorce. Seemed like a simple move, same neighborhood, someone to help with computer issues nearby and hang out at the pool with.

Then, I started getting really sick. Like a head cold that wouldn't do away, but much much worse. A cough developed that would not go away and my bedroom smelled of mold. It ended up, months ago the hot water heater in the upstairs storage room leaked into my storage room and it rotted through the wall into the bedroom. In fact, when I finally discovered mushrooms growing in the carpet, I called the office. I also saved samples of the spores just in case they didn't clear this black mold out. Everything inside the storage room was covered in black mold. It went through the walls into my apartment and carpet. When this was finally cleared away to their satisfaction, I had to haggle to get them to pay me something for everything I lost in the storage, only a tiny fraction of what it was worth.

Then, another flood in the same storage room ruined everything once again.

Then, a flood in the kitchen when their lines backed up.

The sink water which was always awful measured in the 200s on the zero-water meter. By the time I moved a year later, it measured in the 600s and smelled coming out of the tap.  I bought bottled water. Plumbing in this complex becomes more of a nightmare with each passing year. I can't tell you how many times in the past 3 years they shut the water off for entire days because of problems with their main.

Then, someone started keying up my car in the parking lot. First, it was just writing curse words in the dust, then keying big time including cuss words. I called the cops and told management. They would do nothing. Had to call the cops a second time when the person wasn't just carving chunks out of my paint, but carved curse words in the hood of the car.

Management would do nothing there - the dragon lady who handles the complex is a real pill. I said, "I need a new space." Mind you, I never ever talked to people at the complex, hung out or anything. No one knew me, but someone stalked me and carved up my car every time I went out to use it and parked it again. Dragon lady told me that they couldn't give me a new space. They were all coded specially. I said, "when someone moves out, switch my space with that apartment's." Nope. Pay for the repainting of my car? Nope. I had to park in another parking lot because they have only about 4-6 open parking spaces that are always taken, and I had to walk a huge distance through another complex into my complex, unsure of my safety from the stalker. I packed a tazer.

I was no longer safe in that miserable complex and I moved finally. Thankfully. They offered me no options for protection in what they called a zero-crime complex. The plumbing is miserable there. The way they go about things ass backwards.  The only blessing is the wonderful sweet lady at the front desk who seems terribly fretful that bad things happen to folks and utterly unable to do anything about it.

I highly recommend you do not ever move into that complex. It's a vortex of hell with the dragon lady guarding the entrance.


  1. Here here!!! All slum lords should be exposed in this way!

  2. Yikes! Sorry you had to go through all that. Hope your new place is nicer!

  3. im glad your out of there now sharon. that place needs to be exposed. im glad you posted this so all can see and know.


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