Lovelock Cave Giant Handprint: Tomorrow Night on Paranormal Geeks Radio

Tomorrow night on Paranormal Geeks Radio we are lucky enough to have MK Davis and Don Monroe returning. They were on our July 16th show live from the mouth of the Lovelock Cave, about to go inside. (find the episode here - first 40 minutes of the show devoted to it). What they found afterwards started the paranormal world abuzz.

I've been lucky enough to share this with MK as it's progressed into a cautious study. We are very lucky to have them on tomorrow night 9 pm EST/8 pm Central/6 pm Pacific.

Here is my original post about the show and my follow-up post about the potential for a huge conflagration in that cave that would have killed the giants.

Be sure to keep tomorrow night open. It's going to be interesting!