Humanoids Among Us: Is Obama A Reptilian?

The reptilians/reptoids are a popularly believed alien that is reptilian, but can manifest itself as a human, gaining political power in hopes of ruling our world. The original concept was made popular by David Icke, a conspiracy theorist, who said they were from the Alpha Draconis star system. Interestingly, he says they are blood-sucking, 7-12 feet tall and hiding in underground bases. This would all seem rather ludicrous until you hear accounts of people running into lizard people in caves underground, working together like some kind of worker force. Here is a most compelling story at Lon's Phantoms and Monster site (I believe to be the best archivist site for people who experience the paranormal).

Some refer to them as the "illuminati" or a group that is small but working to take over all important roles in the world of government and corporations, working to make a new world order. These terms have become interchangeable and the concepts the same - someone has an agenda for our world - someone who is not a native.

Some even say that the President is a reptilian and a few even believe they have found evidence of those around him being reptilians, like in this video of a supposed reptilian body guard -

Let's just plug in the characteristics and see how they fit -
1. Is the person in a position of power?
2. Is the person Caucasian?
3. Does the person like odd music like old pop music?


First, you'd have to determine you believe the concept which has a whole lot of holes in the theory, but given the odd decisions and priorities of our present leader and those around him, it would seem they are preparing for some kind of battle from the citizens and is trying to assimilate us. It might just be that these absolutely horrifying decisions being made need an explanation and for conspiracy folks, it's the reptilian one, for UFO folks, it's preparation for an alien takeover that was set for a particular date, and for others it is simply a terribly inexperienced and confused man in office, in way over his head.

Admittedly Icke's explanation is pretty interesting (below) and his site is pretty cool too -


  1. I welcome our lizard overlords. It can't be any worse than we already have...


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