Humanoids Among Us: Black-Eyed Children

Shadow people, the Tall Man, and black-eyed children; all more modern phenomena reported.

The legend of the black-eyed children almost sounds like a variation of the vampire scenario. The children arrive at your doorstep and ask to use the phone or if they can come inside for protection. They give you a weird instinctive concern and then you realize their eyes have no whites, all black.

The phenomena found its ground in the 1990s, so it's a very new legend. With today's internet capabilities of growing urban legends overnight, it's not unusual to see new unexplained legends being born. The problem is, do we have any real proof of black-eyed children or just a lot of stories of "someone in Illinois" or "it happened a grandmother in New England" and other such vagaries?

Descriptions of encounters are rather disturbing. It's human nature to help a child in distress, but one witness who saw one asking an elderly woman for something in a parking lot, were chilling. His skin was very pale, his hair very dark, his posture stiff, and circles under his eyes and when he stared at the witness, his eyes were pure black with no whites. His stare was haunting and very upsetting.

They are described by some witnesses to not elicit white clouds of air when breathing in the cold, to give off a feeling that those around them instinctively feel unsettled and feelings of doom.

Interestingly, the reaction to black-eyed children is much like that of shadow people. Is there a relationship? Someone from another dimension or realm putting on the cloak of being human to acquire something necessary? If they are vampires and do need blood, there are certainly no reports of these children succeeding.

One witness described one of these little black-eyed girls at his doorstep in a miniskirt and spaghetti strap top in 30-below snow. He thought she might be in distress and need help. Then, he wondered if she was on drugs, being out in the cold without shivering. Then, he noticed she had no cold breath.  No signs of inhaling in and out.

Another man said he stood outside to smoke each evening and saw a boy that tried doorknobs and went from building to building. He approached him one night and asked he buzz him through the gate. The man saw the child had no whites of his eyes. Feeling a sudden terror, the man went inside and locked the door and cowered.

The reaction to the black-eyed children is an elemental fear. It reminds me of how a dog reacts when he approached a toy dog that barks and moves around. He barks, cowers away, and looks around in fear. Humans apparently have this same "it's not right" mechanism inside to protect themselves from such unnaturals.

Let's try to explain this - the eyes could be part of a condition called alkaptonuria that can cause dark spots in the sclera (whites of the eye) but that shows up as spots and not entire sclera. Everything has motives, so let's talk about these obsidian-eyed demons. What is it they want? They approach people, so they must want an encounter with that person. They ask to be let inside, so they must want to be in private with that person. Before people even see the black eyes, they get a feeling from the kid that something is off, not quite right - sort of like what people report for Men In Black. 

I would want to know more about these children, like if they are seen in daylight, if anyone has had a harmful encounter, if they seek blood or something else. What is their goal? What is their purposes? Why would they go to so much bother to be in human form and speak without making the eyes human looking or the breath present? Is this a hallucination or are they actually physically there? Did that one child leave footprints in the snow? Can you see them in mirrors? There aren't an exceptional lot of accounts and most people that do encounter them rush away and so don't take the time to figure out their motives.

Do black-eyed children exist? I think the fact they showed up so recently screams of urban legend to me. I don't think a new "species" of unexplained pops out of nowhere. But, it definitely is worth gathering reports and looking for commonalities to see if people are having legitimate encounters or if this is a perpetuated fear, like seeing a child acting weird and imagining they had no whites to their eyes because of being influenced by the legends of black-eyed children. We tend to use beliefs to feed our explanations.

There is the possibility that, like shadow people, these newly reported beings are newly reported for a very real reason - 

My theory:  Even more unsettling is this -People who run into shadow people (a fairly newer reported phenomena the past few decades) said that they saw them out of the corner of their eye, turned and then looked them straight on. They had a feeling of unease and gloom and doom in their presence and when the shadow person saw them, it rushed away. They apparently are being seen now, something has changed about us to be able to perceive them when they thought they were hidden. What if these shadow people (reported to be 3-4 feet tall) are really donning child human identities to hide among us with less chance of being realized as an outsider? These black-eyed children that come with the same feeling of gloom and doom and take on a short identity (children) may be the giveaway. What if the black eyes are really just the part of the shadow person that shows through the orifices of the eyes sockets as pure black? The human form is simply a cloak atop of them and, with them being small, their form takes on a child's appearance to best be out in the open. The dark-eyed children seem to be doing what shadow people were doing before they were detected; poking around parks and cemeteries, in hospitals and homes, perhaps curiously studying humans and nature. With the risk of being seen now, they simply adapted a new way of being among us....

On a more earthly note - here's the black-eyed children mirror I made for under $50. Enjoy! I actually like having them stare at me across the room, but then I live to be unsettled.