Girls To Women's Halloween Costumes: Turning Tricks and Being Treats

Seriously, when I was a kid we wore a witch costume that went to the floor. A schoolgirl was not a theme for a costume. What was scary about that? It seems to be a real trend that we are preparing little girls to be ready for the adult version of their costume and, as you can see, that will take no adapting at all -

Child witch/adult witch (above)

Vampire girl/vampire woman (above)

Devil girl/devil woman (above)

Maid girl/Maid woman (above)

Pirate girl/pirate woman (above)

I don't know, perhaps we should just change it to turning tricks and being treats.

I can see this poor pre-adolescent girls worrying that they can't fill out the cups and the women worrying that they can't fit into a corset.

Halloween has become the whoring season. This is just fucked up.


  1. As much as I adore America's Halloween festivities, this is the one element that I'm glad we don't have here in Oz. :/

  2. has become the whoring season? i'm pretty sure it's been the whoring season since before the eighties.


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