Sunday, August 11, 2013

Ghost Magnet or Ghost Receiver?

One of the most asked questions I get from people about hauntings is, why did they move and yet the ghosts seemed to follow them? Plagued by shadow people as a child, objects moving in their college dorm, footsteps and voices in their home while they're raising their children.

Ghost magnets?

I began to wonder about this phenomena, as I myself run into poltergeist activity no matter where I am, even in stores!  When I was growing up, both our main home and the summer home had activity. And, when we moved west, my sisters both experienced phenomena in the house.

Do we attract ghosts to us because we are receptive or intuitive? Or, might it be that we simply have a better receiver to notice what is always there?

Are the spirits always there, but some people don't perceive them?

Within a family, there can be one member who believes the home is haunted, and the rest say, "what are you talking about?" Is this one person explaining odd events as a ghost or does this odd man out happen to be receptive and perceptive of those encounters?

Most people who have had what are referred to as ghostly encounters, have the throughout their lifetimes. This is interesting and has led me to want to rename "ghosts" to "phantoms." Ghosts is a term that immediately makes one thing of a spiritual entity and phantoms are more of a set of unexplainable encounters with something that appears to be an entity of a sort, the origins of which cannot be ascertained. If I can, under the right emotional and hormonal stress, manage to make objects move, then what else might I be able to do?

My assumptions about the spirit realm are different than many. I see the passing on to the next incarnation, the passing from one dimension into the next. Some would call them worlds, but I believe this is a matter of adding more depth, definition and life to an individual.

In my most crude form, 2-dimensional, I am a photograph. No intelligence involved. Only the perception of something lacking depth.

In my form now, I am 3-dimensional and have sides, depth, height, length within space. I also have a developed sense of self, self-awareness, intelligence, and the ability to affect my environment.

But, my next form, in yet another dimension (as described by near-death experiencers) I become completely aware of self and universe as one instead of separate entities, as well as no longer having the 3-dimensional parameters that force me into this "separatist" existence, but allow me free range and perhaps the ability to be in many places as one time (as reported by relatives who get visited at the same time of death of a common relative in many parts of the country). Many NDE's claim, "that was the real world, this one is fake," when they are brought back. They also report all knowledge, total connection to everything in the universe and all its information, colors and beauty that do not exist here. It's as if someone who was blind, could suddenly see. Someone who was deaf, could can suddenly hear a symphony.

Do we bring ghosts home with us? Do we attract them to us? My experience has shown me, no. We do not. There is no magic to make them go away unless you can turn off your own perceptions. The moment a person has a near-death experience or serious illness, emotional upheaval, religious conversion, they can suddenly be perceptive. Things that were always there, they can catch glimpses of or sense. They are sharing our space, as that 2-D photo shares space with 3-D you, but we lack the ability to conceptualize and understand that dimension. Now and then, however, moments of lucidity make our worlds meet for fleeting glimpses, and yet another reason why psychics can tap that portal and why encounters with spirits are so fleeting and unpredictable.

Another example of this is if you focus on your breathing. You suddenly feel like you need to remind yourself to breathe. You never think about your breath any other time, but now that you are shut down and watching only it, you are keenly aware of the process. If you go seeking ghosts and think you brought one home, it's more likely that you simply opened up your ability to be aware. Good psychics know how to turn these things off, ignore them, as we ignore breathing. Then, when we want to perceive them, we turn on the focus. 

Ghost magnets? Nope. Ghost receivers? Oh yes.

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  1. I like your thoughts on bringing them home with you. I have a friend from Taiwan and he took me to some of the cemeteries in Chicago. He said that his mom would flip out if she saw him because in his culture they believe ghosts can be brought home. He said he always had to go to temple after the cemetery for cleansing. I don't think you can bring ghosts home, but it is interesting to me how different cultures and people view this topic.