Wednesday, August 7, 2013

CCC Publishing: Theorists' Delight!

Adventurer at heart? Curious about ancient puzzles? Unexplained things? History? Things of wonder? 

I was excited to find a wonderful book I consider a mainstay of my library of unexplained titles. "Sacred Places: North America" by Brad Olsen. When I dove into this book, I wondered more about the publisher. This was obviously a niche publishing company that knew just what us paranormal geeks like.

CCC Publishing was a happy find with some awesome titles. I hope to get lost in a lot of them. I thought it was definitely worth sharing because finding a publisher that you know you're going to like their titles is like finding a clothing line that fits your body type - you buy it without needing to try it on. It always fits! 

Other great titles -

"Sacred Places of Goddesses" by Karen Tate. Readers will be escorted on a pilgrimage that reawakens, rethinks, and reveals the Divine Feminine in a multitude of sacred goddess locations on every continent.

"Key to Solomon's Key: Secrets Of Magic and Masonry" by Lon Milo DuQuette. Is King Solomon's story true? Or do myth and tradition hold the key that unlocks mysteries of human consciousness infinitely more astounding than history?

"In Search Of Adventure: A Wild Travel Anthology" by Bruce Northem and Brad Olsen. This epic collection of 100 travelers' tales celebrates the wild side of contemporary travel writing.

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