Aura Photography

Aura photos (Kirlian Photography) are a fun and interesting thing to have done. When I did this photo to check my aura, I told the photographer, "I get my psychic info from this spot in space. I'm gonna look it and see what shows up in the photo." She laughed. The photo developed as we waited. Her face went white. "What does that mean?" I asked her. "White is a spirit guide, and the pinkish hue says that this is a loving spirit guide you are channeling.  A female energy."

Another time, I told her, "I have a lot of dead people that hang around, can I bring them up in the pic?" She nodded dumbly. The photo had tons of white lights around me, like a group of a dozen or so faces.

So what is Kirlian photography? You sit down, put your hands on two metal plates shaped like hands. Then, the pic is taken with a Polaroid and it supposed to show the electrical coronal discharges of your body.  There is much dispute about the authenticity of aura photography, but those who believe in Qi (energy), take this very seriously. I have found that, in having perhaps a dozen aura photos in my life, the reads of the colors around me were dead on 100% of the time to what was happening at that time. I even tried a few experiments to focus my mind and emotions to control the outcome and was able to predict the colors that would show.

Aura colors include some of these and their meanings:
Red:  Activity, extroversion, movement, vitality, healthy, hands-on healer
Light Red:  Joy, passion, sensitivity, femininity, love
Pink:  Sensitivity, emotionality, femininity, longing, softness
Dark Red:  Vigor, willpower, masculinity, leadership, courage, malice, wrath
Orange:  Active intelligence, self confidence, joy, happiness, warmth
Gold:  Transformation, dynamic energy, discipline, ego
Yellow:  Intellect and mind, organized, discipline
Green:  love, growth, change, nature, neutrality
Blue:  Introversion, solitude, truth, wisdom, inner peace
Light blue:  Devotion to ideals, truth, reserve
Indigo:  Healing ability, kindness, integrity
Turquoise:  Loving, healing heart, generosity, teacher
Lavender:  Mysticism, magic, psychic abilities
Violet:  Intuitive, artistic, creative, mysterious
Magenta:  Spiritually perceptive
White:  Spirituality, open to channel 

SIDES:  As well, if you look at the right side of the photo as you stare at it, that area of the photo shows what is entering your life. The left side of the photo shows what is exiting your life.

SHAPE:  If an aura is tight and compact, it can be a sign of protection or self control. Psychics often tuck their aura in to protect themselves, large expansive fluffy ones are signs of someone sending out energy and can show how you attract or put off others, depending on that type of energy.

When you look at that aura photo above, you find someone allowing in channeling, spirituality, healing and teaching and very expansive, putting out all those energies which makes sense because at the time, I was doing a lot of remote healing work on people and I found that those around me often started talking about their physical and emotional issues, even when I didn't know them well at all. They sensed a comfort from me. Notice the indigo fluff around the periphery--highly spiritual.

In this 2001 aura photo, I told her that my brother died a couple weeks ago and I felt him over my right shoulder all the time. She took the picture and her hand trembled a bit when she handed it to me to see.  White spirit energy and that pink in the left side of the photo was the love exiting. Once again, fluffy indigo periphery which is the common for me and might explain why people feel particularly comfortable around me because the basis of my soul is a comforting spiritual place of acceptance.

I can't tell you that aura photography works or not, but I have found the process of checking myself at stressful, transitional, and uncertain times of my life, as well as joyful ones, to be a validation. The process of someone reading the colors and giving an overview is highly therapeutic. I have considered myself buying a Kirlian camera and doing this service for people since it's a rather hard and rare thing to find and as psychic reads go, me reading something spatially oriented like this and being highly gifted in spatial and spatially synesthetic, and a healer, this is probably the best use of my skills in a way that would help people get perspectives on their lives and their process.