Are Bigfoot Opportunists?

1950s-1970s:  Bigfoot is a North American Ape living exclusively in the United States Northwest
1980s-1990s:  Bigfoot is a descendent of Gigantopithecus living in Washington, Oregon, and Northern Calfornia.
2000s:  Bigfoot is from the family of man and lives everywhere in the US and especially in the breadbasket area from Ohio Valley to East Texas and may or may not be related to Nephilim or ancient giants.

We have evolved our thinking about Bigfoot over time. It might have once seemed preposterous that Bigfoot could possibly live in the Midwest or near areas of dense population, that he could possibly bury his head dead (that's too human) or that he could have language (apes don't talk). We had to adjust our thinking over time in order to adapt to the reality - Bigfoot are opportunists.  And opportunists who go undetected are intelligent.

A cryptid clan of the human family tree, who want to go undetected, do what? They learn their world, it's seasons and patterns. Humans toss food into dumpsters and alongside roadways, berries come in season up north in late August, earlier down south, farms have corn crops in August, and the short hairless humans generally don't go out at night unless they have a telltale flashlight.

Ask rural folks growing family gardens, living near the woods, and having a yard filled with junk if their "stuff" ever goes missing. From someone pilfering their corn "Damn those deer!" to the kids' toys missing near the swing set, "they must have forgotten where they put them."

When I was a kid, there was a woman in my neighborhood. She had two peach trees in her front yard. They were the best peaches I ever tasted. I grew up with fruit trees, vegetable garden, nut trees, and berry bushes, but the greatest treat in the universe was a fresh peach from her trees! She also was an avid bird watcher. She sat at the huge picture window near the peach trees all day long, studying nature and occasionally lifting her binoculars. Still, every summer, I managed to steal a peach or two every time I went by. I knew her routine. I knew her blind spots. I also watched her window until she got up and went to use the restroom. All these things combined to make me a freaking awesome peach snatcher. And, if I timed it right, a peach a day from each tree (2 peaches total) and she never ever had a clue any peaches were missing. I could move on down the street to the strawberry patch next.

Bigfoot utilizes animal sounds from crows to owls, coyotes to dogs to perhaps call each other or even incite coyotes to yap so they create noise to cover up their comings and goings. That ability to utilize what is around them shows signs of an intelligent player in a woodland filled with creatures. He is top of his food chain there. Trees are yet another opportunity since humans do not climb them or even bother to look up them. These are all chances to utilize what is available and find opportunities and work them to their advantage. 

But Bigfoot could never be near population dense areas.

Let's rethink that one.  #1 priority for Bigfoot is the same as other living being - water.  Water brings hydration, but it also brings food sources, either in the water or visiting the water. But, nature doesn't always provide in a timely manner. Take the last wild Native of America, Ishi of the Yahi tribe of California. In 1911, his tribe had been in hiding 50 years from White Man, but White man had killed all the deer in the woods and in their desperate state, they began to kill the cattle. The White Man exacted revenge by killing them off. Ishi, the last tribe member, stumbled into a slaughterhouse and was caught trying to find food. Even man is an opportunist when he must be.  

Thus it is with Bigfoot.


  1. Great post on Bigfoot. Who knows where they could be lurking or what they will do to stay away from human eyes. I'm sure they pilfer peaches and such like you did as a child. Now I'm craving a freshly picked peach!


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