Abandoned Places Week: Churches

Places of worship. Great amounts of money made for proper respective houses of God. Left behind. Flooded. Abandoned. Aged. Forgotten. Unloved.

Glory and exultation. Now neglect and isolation. The light going off on hope and union.

This one above will be featured in Julie and I's upcoming book in our abandoned places series, "Abandoned Places: Abandoned Memories (Appalachian Edition)." It was the church in a town, ironically named "Sharon" in West Virginia. It was a week away from being torn down and the owners let us tour it. Truly amazing coincidence that I felt compelled to stop in that town. To go to that church as the man was taking down the sign. And, to find out it was abandoned and going to be around no longer. The cornerstone said "Sharon Church" and it was Methodist faith, the church I was raised in. Too many coincidences to ignore.

I always wanted to buy and renovate a church for a home. Check out some churches for sale here.