Sex and the Single Ghost Hunter: He's Gotta Laugh

I knew a man once who almost never smiled unless he was in front of others where he felt he needed to fit in and look as if he liked humanity. At home, he never smiled. Or laughed. He certainly, under no conditions, would laugh at his own foibles and would tense up with anger if someone pointed it out jokingly. He watched comedies silently. The only time he spontaneously laughed (short-lived as it was) was during a commercial where someone walked into a glass door. This humorless human being? Let's call him my ex.

When it comes to my right mate - he has to have a sense of humor, be able to see the ridiculousness in every day human life, and it absurdities, even in a moment of great stress, let out a laugh when he realizes he can't do anything but accept his fate, and especially be able to make some loving jokes about his own shortcomings.

There is no doubt about it - humor is a sign of high intelligence. Dull-minded folks tend to get anxious or focused on the small stuff, easily frustrated, but intelligent folks know how to see the bigger picture and the ironies within.

Sure, chemistry is important in a relationship, but the most intimate kind of chemistry is humor. When a couple can laugh together, they can totally ride out the worst disruptions, the most awkward moments in bed, the most frustrating days.

Yup, my ideal man isn't necessarily a jokester, but if can spontaneously laugh and upon occasion belly laugh with tears, he's a keeper.