Review: World War Z

Like any zombie movie lover, I'm on the lookout for the newest ones to add to my "favorites" list. My favorite of all time is the timeless classic, "Night of the Living Dead." I've enjoyed many others like Dawn of the Dead, Fido, Zombieland, and many more, but it takes a combination of novelty, storytelling, zombie creatures, and believability that draws me in.

To me, a good zombie movie isn't judged by the degree of gore, but by the situation normal people are thrown into. It's about the adaptability of folks under adverse situations and ones that force them to kill human-looking beings and find some crumb of hope that the madness can be ceased.

That being said, War War Z earned its place for me as top favorite zombie movies.

I worried because I'm a viewer who abhors CGI, but in the case of this movie, truly important to the scope of these velociraptor-like zombies and the massive human population on the earth.

The characters were engaging and you really rooted for them and for a less-than-tragic ending like most zombie movies produce. The plot moved at a great pace, did not give away any of its surprises, and adequately scared you without goring you out. In fact, it wasn't all that gory at all. I appreciated that. One gets numb to true scares once she witnesses too much flesh being torn away. This movie led us to understand people's awful fates by zombies without having to stop and film the gorefest.

The zombies were a creative take and feasible concept and I think perhaps the best movie-made zombies ever. I really was turned off by the trailer and the photos that were released to promote the film. They looked cheesy, very CGI and ridiculous, but honestly this was a human story, a compelling one, with plenty of adventure and tension and some of the most creative twists to zombie theme I've seen in a very very long time.

I guess if there were autumn leaf ratings for this flick, I'd give it a 4 out of 5 leaves.