Man-Beast Week: How To Make a Man-Beast

We'll be discussing this week different forms of man-beast this week and it had me wondering what is the most possible way to create one?

Let's evaluate these potential methods:

Spiritual:  (Skinwalker, Wendigo) This can give the physical appearance of and personality of the man-beast such as in the skinwalker beings said to roam the American Southwest, but it takes an experience sorcerer to make that happen.  If we accept it's possible for someone to create a skinwalker (the magical ability to transform into animal state using magic and often times the wearing of an animal skin), then this would very much fill the meaning of man-beast.

Mental:  (serial killers, cannibals, dissociative disorder) Even considering the convoluted series of events that created Dahmer and Gacy, Bundy and Jekyll and Hyde multiple personality types, the set of conditions is still elusive. We know there are certain generalizations about these future killers, but a fair deal of the population meets this criteria and does not kill or cook their victims. In this case, there is not a physical beast produced, but the personality of one; killing without conscience, eating victims, torturing, but still not a true man-beast.

Drug-induced: (bath salts, synthetic marijuana). Like mental causes, drug-induced humans can take on some beastly and grizzly characteristics including eating a live dog or the face off another human. Still, there is no physical resemblance to a beast, so no true man-beast here.

Surgical:  (Frankenstein, attaching a man's head to a monkey's body) We always assumed that such abominations at Frankenstein are not possible, but there are scientists who have done some horrifying experiments, like attaching a second dog head to a dog's body or transplanting a monkey's head (below). This could create a man-beast, but the question is - how well would the body move with the brain's commands? The entire human mechanism is intricate including an immune system that would dismiss the incorporation of a dog's snout or a monkey's tail. So, even though man-beast could be made this way, if a man's mind is involved, it may have physicality of man-beast, but still be man.

Infection:  (werewolf) We have some infections that can make people act beastly like Kuru, a disease caused by eating human brains, but that does not cause a physicality that is beast-looking.

DNA manipulation:  (Dogman? Lizardman? Mothman? Scientific interference in labs like Montauk Monster?) This is the very best possibility in that one could create a mixture that could include certain attributes of man and beast and be actually feasible in the next decades. How would we treat these man-beasts? Would they be allowed to breed or would they be sterile like ligers and mules? Would they have to fight for rights? Would the right degree of beast to man ratio put them in the animal category? Chilling, hmm? 

I guess the question here is not, is it possible to create a man-beast, but is it ethical? 

The last question to pose - are we evolving into something that might more resemble man-beast? Are there clues already?