Dark Autumn Week: Scarecrows and Cornfields

Scarecrows and cornfields, the stuff that autumn is made of. There is something palpable about the flapping of a scarecrow's clothing in the wind, as if it's pumping its shirt with every breath, and squeaking and twisting to climb down from its sentinel post.

The wind creates a constant crackling sound from the dried out cornstalks battering each other in the field. Corn rots on the cobs like morbid bulbuous teeth.

Want to get into the mood? There are some wonderful horror movies that feature scarecrows and cornfields. Moviemakers know the creep factor -

Children of the Corn Series
Dark Night of the Scarecrow (one of my favs)
Jeepers Creepers I and II
Messengers II: The Scarecrow
Hallowed Ground
Scarecrow Slayer
Dark Harvest
The Maize: The Movie


If you haven't done a corn maze, you must! 

Too many people make scarecrows happy and cheerful (yawn). I think it's time to take them to a new level like Pumpkinrot does every year - 

I personally consider Pumpkinrot to be the best Halloween artisan and keeper of the holiday. Every Halloween, I order my Halloween cards from his gorgeous collection. 

Creative scarecrows

Consider using Halloween masks, wigs, hats, gloves, gourds, pumpkins, cornstalks, tea-stained sheets, fake crows, and paper maiche to make truly customized ones.

Corn mazes

Be sure and check out your local farm community for the corn mazes and be sure to take them at night. They can be quite inspiring. See how this one movie I made was inspired by a corn maze festival -