Cattle Mutilations: My Theory

I heard reports recently about cattle mutilations in the Southwest. Cattle found with their tongues missing, glands, anus. Surgical incisions in the face. It made me wonder. Then, I was told there were silent helicopters over the area. This has vexed me for some time; why would the military steal cows and do surgery on them? They could go buy cattle at a farm in Virginia.

Nope, they want cattle from the Southwest.

The missing body parts are what clued me in. They are regions that would store something endemic to the soil.


Recent mutilations made me realize, the surgical cutting of the face, removal of tongue, rectum and glands--very specific regions. That's where anthrax stores in their body's tissues when they eat enormous amounts of grass daily, storing the anthrax in these parts of the body. Cattle doesn't succumb to exposure, but some get carbuncle sores and some get ill. But, their resilience to a huge diet that introduces lots of anthrax as they kick up the dusts, eat the grasses, is of interest, as is the high concentrations of anthrax (for immunity and for potential weaponry).

Some ranchers mentioned surgical masks and phosphorus in the area. My guess is - used to protect themselves to remove those areas and to be able to use a scope to see which cattle have the most anthrax in those regions or carbuncles. 

Why Southwestern Cattle? Military doesn't want Eastern cattle hay fed and exposed to eastern anthrax. The Southwest cattle is range fed on grasses and digesting anthrax that is specific to the Southwest and not anywhere else in the world, like valley fever illness in the Southwest that can make people not from the region, quite sick because it's such a foreign fungus. 

The military can utilize it on other countries that would have never seen this form, but our military would because the cattle's glands show them how they protect against it from cow immunities. 

The military could just buy some cows in an auction in Virginia or something, but they are specifically targeting cows that have a diet in the anthrax ridden soils of Southwest that would be different than domestic hay fed cattle in the east. They need ones absorbing that ground toxin and living in spite of it, having resistance.

What a weapon! 

Getting the anthrax from a concentration in the glands of a resistant animal is perfect. The cows are doing the work for them. They just have to sweep in on silent helicopters and surgically excise these parts after checking for carbuncles (signs of anthrax).

This theory is unusual, but if you hold up mutilation stories and this theory, it makes much more sense than UFOs, though the military might like us to think that. 


  1. It is a most unusual theory, Sharon, but that is where your intellectual gifts excel, with the proposition of fresh & newly conceived ideas. There actually was an MGM film released in '82, Endangered Species, which you can see in full (in a not so high definition dub, sorry) here ... However, in 1994 a horrific human mutilation actually took place, that was conducted with precisely the exact same modus operandi, the removed of facial tissue, cored out anus, genitals, internal organs, and the target subject's blood having been pumped out from two punctures at differing locations on the body, just as is perpetrated on cattle. This case still remains to be solved. You can go here to see the gruesome photos & text. You've been forewarned. Safe journeys, everyone.

  2. Sounds like a much more obvious (and nefarious) answer than anything alien/U.F.O. related.

  3. I would add to this at the use of phosphorus paint could be used to mark certain cattle under observation and the use of a light, like a black light, would help them quickly find the cows that they marked without leaving something cattle ranchers would discern.


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