In the 16th century in peasant villages in Europe, there were rampages of sexually oriented violent murders and it was considered to be one of the most serious issues of their times. These serial killers who were cannibals were seen as being a beast-man and a serious threat to village safety. They were often referred to as Werewolf or Wolfman.

In the 1500s, Gilles Garnier of France was known as "The Hermit" and also "Werewolf of Dole." Gilles married and lived outside of a village. Having difficulty finding food for his wife and himself, he hunted in the woods where he claimed on trial that he found a magic ointment that turned him into a wolf and his instincts to hunt had him stalking and killing several children and partially ate them. He was burned on the stake for witchcraft and murder.

In the 1500s in Germany, Peter Stubbe, known as the "Werewolf of Bedburg," was found guilty of being a cannabalistic serial killer.

The Mauerovas, a Czech family, were a cult and also a creepy cannibalistic group.  Six members were arrested. The eight year-old boy was skinned and his flesh fed to cannibal relatives after his mother kept him and his 10-year-old brother locked in a cellar for torture purposes. The mother kept a video monitor in the kitchen so she could watch her sons in the cellar and monitor their suffering. A neighbor with a similar baby monitor, got the images and called the police, ending the horrific nightmare.

There have been legitimate cases of cannibalism, such as in the cases of the Donner party and the soccer team who crashed up high in the Andes Mountains, but cannibalism by choices is something utterly unthinkable. The Maori people of New Zealand were known to take enemies captive and devour them. Jeffrey Dahmer was made famous, not just for being a heinous serial killer, but for raping and eating the dead.

Perhaps the reason zombies are of such horror fascination is that they are humans who eat other humans. They devour the flesh and consume them without conscience, as if they are serial killers, and yet we don't seem to classify fictional zombies as we do real life cannibals. Just look at some of the cases of synthetic marijuana and bath salts drugs on crazed people who have devoured dogs and other human's faces in their frenzy. It is the unthinkable when it happens in real life.

As perhaps the last revenge for those who consume human flesh, there is a horrible disease called Kuru that can occur when one consumes a human brain. This incurable neurological degenerative disease occurs in Papua, New Guinea where it was passed on through cannibalism. It is a horrible disease that causes tremors and outbursts of laughter. In fact, causing the person to have some characteristics found in zombie literature.

Was man meant to eat one another? Man was meant to consume calories any way possible, but as most humans who are strictly human and not man-beast, this is an absolutely last resort and not a lifestyle decision.