Ancients Week: Giants Roamed the Earth

Ancient giants are not just the thing of Bible tales of David and Goliath, giant skeletons have been unearthed all around the globe. These ancient people existed, but what was their origin?  Many cultures speak of giants -

Og of Bashan. According to the Hebrew, the Og ("giant") were killed by Moses and his men at the Battle of Edrei.

The Bible speaks of the Nephilim, the offspring of the sons of God who were giants who came down to the earth and mated with women. Others have suggested the interpretation was "fallen ones." It has come to believe that this created a giant race, the remnants of which have been unearthed.

Scandinavian culture has a legend of the Jotunn, a mythological giant race in Norse cosmotology, living in a world on the other side of Midgard from the humans.

Greeks had the myth of the Cyclops - a member of a primordial race of giants with a single eye in their forhead.

Native Americans had the legend of the Si-Te-Cha. This race of giants were described in the infamous tale of the Paiutes versus the red-haired giants in Lovelock Cave in Nevada. This race was said to perform cannibalism.

The Basque had the legend of the Jentil. They were hairy and so tall that they could walk in the sea and threw rocks from one mountain to another. Said to be "stone throwers."

When nearly every culture has a legend of giants, one has to wonder why?

Here is an example of just one find of giants (of many hundreds around the world)

May 4, 1912: New York Times
18 skeletons were found in a burial mound in Wisconsin. These 9-foot skeletons were reported to have huge heads, strange facial features with elongated skulls, double rows of teeth, 6 toes and 6 fingers. In fact, several large pyramidal structures were found in Wisconsin, believed to be part of a large population of up to 200,000. It was believed this culture lasted for 5000 years, much of it thousands of years BC.

Why is it that the Smithsonian seems to be part of a "giant" coverup about America's "giant" past? No doubt the reasoning began long ago in the 1800s when either sites were misunderstood for their importance and pilfered or reburied, or given to Native cultures to rebury properly. There was also the issue of how very advanced these beings were, with metal works and sophisticated architecture, proving that the Adena, native culture, were not brutes. The skeletons that were legitimately retrieved and spirited away were locked up in a vault somewhere. What would the admission of giants in our past do to the citizens? It's hard to imagine it would do anymore than provoke great intellectual challenge and excitement. What do we know of evolution? What do we know of potential outside manipulation of the arms of man on the family tree? Where are these giants now? Hiding in our woods, perhaps?

Are giants still roaming the earth? Well, given the height profile of a Bigfoot, duh....