Ancients Week: America Unearthed - Precolumbian Truth

Is it possible that we had visitors to America long before Christopher Columbus? I find it difficult to believe anyone doesn't KNOW that by now. Scott Wolter of History 2 Channel's awesome show, America Unearthed, is a forensic geologist who is uncovering proof of plenty of visitors to our continent long before we imagined.

Episodes have included:

Hunt for the Holy Grail  The Holy Grail is one of the most sought after treasures of all time, and one treasure hunter thinks he knows exactly where it is. He invites Scott Wolter along on his quest to find it, and the result is a North American treasure hunt of epic proportions. Legends, a treasure map and the results of ground penetrating technology all point to the Grail being in a single location--a holy well on the property of a rumored Templar Prince. What Scott finds in and around the well will shock even the skeptics in this edge-of-your-seat season finale.
Tracking the Templars  When Scott Wolter began investigating mysterious artifacts, he started to notice one unique symbol appeared on many of them. The symbol, now known as the "Hooked X", baffled researchers who couldn't make sense of it. As Scott's investigation into the origins of the symbol unfolds, he realizes its use is unique to just two notoriously secret groups--the Knights Templar and their modern day brethren, the Freemasons. Used in secret codes, cryptic ciphers and even the alleged tomb of Jesus himself, the symbol could be the key to understanding two of the biggest mysteries of all time--exactly what the Holy Grail is, and where it's hidden today.
The Mystery of Roanoke Island  In the late 1500s, years before Jamestown, the English sought to create their first settlement in America at Roanoke. A party of 119 colonists came over and settled but ultimately vanished. The fate of the Lost Colony of Roanoke has eluded archaeologists, historians and North Carolina locals, but as forensic geologist Scott Wolter discovers, a series of 48 stone clues that have been largely ignored and considered frauds may in fact hold the answer to America's oldest cold case.
Stonehenge in America  Geologist Scott Wolter has reason to believe America has its very own Stonehenge in New Hampshire. With the help of a young man who discovered an amazing connection between America's Stonehenge and Stonehenge in England, Wolter explores the possibility that the ancient Phoenicians are connected to both of these megalithic sites. At America's Stonehenge, he uncovers many clues, including a sacrificial table and a mysterious message carved on a stone in ancient script that helps advance this provocative theory. He also discovers both sites are accurate astronomical calendars and that alignments with the heavens are incorporated into their design.
Giants in Minnesota  Geologist Scott Wolter visits a Minnesota farmer who wants to investigate the possible existence of bones from a giant he unearthed in his yard. The bones raise the question of whether Vikings could have traveled all the way to America.
Medieval desert mystery  Scott Wolter investigates a burial site in the mountains of Arizona, only to discover it may belong to a medieval Englishman.
The American Mayan secret

And more episodes -

This is a thinking show with lots of theories and interesting evidence to back them. It is well done, well edited, well paced, and Scott Wolter is the ideal host who realizes the show isn't about him, it's about what he's showcasing - secrets that were overlooked or dismissed.

Now, if History Channel would just bring back UFO Hunters and MonsterQuest!  History Channel, you rock for unexplained TV. Bless your intelligent hearts. Now, if you'd just keep the shows on more seasons!


  1. I think you might enjoy this show for more than just the mysteries. ;D The Englishman in the Arizona desert one is new to me. But very cool. I love hidden mysteries from remote environs like this. Someplace so "boring" that you would think there is nothing going on there and then...


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