Urban Exploration

(Pretty accurate feel of what it's like to come across a place)

Urban exploration, without a more formal explanation basically means poking around abandoned places, whether it's sewers, houses, missile silos, asylums, you name it! It is something I absolutely adore and finding these places is not always that easy, although in today's world, it could be the house next door.

Still, there are laws being broken to trespass into such sites. I always make it a policy that if it has posted signs, I won't enter. I'm not stupid. I have a perfect record and I'd like to keep it.

Why do people do this? It's very hard to explain, but something happens when a home is no longer inhabited and weather and nature has taken over, rays of light shine through, random pictures still sit on wall. It's sad and lonely where once it provided shelter and joy.

As a psychic and a ghost hunter, these buildings are precious gold and I just want to absorb everything inside of them, which is probably why Julie and I wrote our book "Abandoned Places: Abandoned Memories (Desert Edition)" because we want to share the love of urban exploration along with the psychic reads of their past, one moment in time in thousands upon thousands of moments in those locales. It makes you realize how fleeting every day, every event, every occupants time in a place really are.

(This abandoned German Steel mill should win the steampunk building award!)

A great source of pics of such places is this site.

Now, if you want to do an artsy video, consider trying something like this--capture the mood and the time period. Use old or very cheap crappy cameras or use black and white and old film effects to age it.