Tonight On Paranormal Geeks Radio - JC Johnson!

Tonight, JC Johnson of Crypto 4 Corners will be the guest on Paranormal Geeks Radio at 9 pm EST/8 pm.

I am very proud to be able to say that the Crypto 4 Corners team asked me to be a member and I excitedly accepted. JC is a national treasure of cryptid info and where he works from, the Northern New Mexico area - he is in the cradle of strangeness and his theories are very cogent and compelling. If you haven't seen the videos on his YouTube Channel, you simply haven't been keeping up on the most amazing cryptid situations.

This is going to be an amazing show. DO NOT MISS IT!


  1. Not impressed by this man's accounts. A convincing storyteller with a hypnotic voice, but talking about dinosaurs and T-Rex's roaming around parts of isolated America daily is quite bizarre and unrealistic. After listening to this guy on internet shows for several years, I have begun to question the mental condition and sanity of this guest.


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