Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Sasquatch Locations

The set of circumstances in which Bigfoot makes a regular territory area is pretty simple - plentiful resources and fast exits -


Bigfoot real estate is like any hairless one's; driven by location, location, location.

This river ends up in a pool where fish collect surrounded by streams and branches heavily tree-lined in a very secluded place.

The area has lots of abandoned shacks in the middle of nowhere. They also have only a few stray occupants who have gardens growing on the edge of the woods, tons of junk piled up in their yards that are handy tools and objects of interest.

This natural area is dense with tons of deer and wild turkeys, berries, wild grapes, and hundreds of square miles of undeveloped mountains that the river feeds through.

If you're going to find their favorite stomping grounds, you need to consider nighttime, whether you like it or not, they are stealthy but the night is their time to own the land. You need to consider, the easy cloak of dense growth, small farms, creeks, and rural homes with junk in the yard and open sheds.

Where are the squatch? Anywhere from the breadbasket of America from PA to Ohio, down through Kentucky, West Virginia, Arkansas, Tennessee, Oklahoma, East Texas and anywhere with conditions that have location, location, location.

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