Perfect Horror Settings

While I was on my trip to WV, my mind was churning with potential horror novel locations. Here's just some that inspired exciting themes -

I heard an animal or bird cry that sounded like "help!" coming from this abandoned cabin behind a cemetery.

This store closed long ago, leaving tons of contents to rot in the damp and cold.

Did the forest take over? Become a living sentient being?

This building was becoming almost completely enveloped by the woods.

The church sat alone in a large meadow with an abandoned cemetery across from it.

This church was planned to be torn down in a small town.

This building was almost impossible to reach. The assimilation to the forest was near complete.

This cemetery sat on a hilltop in the middle of nowhere.

This abandoned cabin sat on a defunct roadway.

This mass was the effect of river flooding and retreat.

This burned down townhouse had a stroller remaining outside.

This huge industrial dam has a very weird feel.

This cannon on Gettysburg field after dark was haunting.

This cemetery from the opening of "Night of the Living Dead" certainly felt like the last place in the world.

This cottage had trees growing up through it.

This building sat on the outskirts of a tiny mountain town.

Every one of these tells a story just looking at it. Oh, my horror writing wheels are churning now and my oil painting fingers are itching to make some horror art.