Paranormal Science

To those living in the Middle Ages, The Plague was magic or evil and precipitated by such bizarre explanations as lack of prayer or a curse. Eventually, bacteria was discovered and then antibiotics, and we were able to treat and survive what once seemed like an illness of magical origins.

All things paranormal will eventually be explained with science and if you think that by discovering what its origins are, we are killing the mystery, we are not. When we discovered bacteria, we went on to learn about how it works in the body, the balance of good and bad bacteria in humans, and how to create a drug that would properly kill it off and allow us to survive. From that, we realized there might be more microscopic things we didn't know about. Ultimately, over time, we went all the way down to human DNA and the discovery is only just starting to show us promise of a whole new field of study like the discovery of bacteria eventually lead to Penicillin. For every mystery uncovered, a whole new world opens up to learn about - in this case, the microscopic and even submicroscopic.

If we're talking about the ghostly realm being another dimension, let's look at it this way; we have only 5 senses to perceive our dimension, so we are missing elements that would allow us to view the next one. But, the next one easily views us as we can view the 2-dimensional world.

If I, a 3-dimensional being, applies paint to a 2-dimensional painting, I have changed its world in a way that would seem like magic to the painting. What other-dimensional interference do we experience in our world that might be manipulated by the next? We share the same space. Why not? Might this explain shadow people being so shocked when were able to view them?

If we can learn more about the "other side," we would open up new worlds. Even if we cannot perceive of that dimension, we could affect it when we understand it better. The painting affects my world by being a beautiful 2-dimensional display of something here in my world, like a meadow and flowers. What are we impressing upon the next world?

We might come to call this other dimensional interaction the "Hand of God," for we cannot see the creator that is performing miracles and interventions.

In ancient times, we prayed for healing and against disease, but then we learned the causes of these things and realized medicine was the answer. Today, we use spiritualist's seances and other spiritual means to deal with something that will be explained by science. 

In our learnings,either religious or mainstream, we may have been taught that the spiritual is not of our world, it is another world. That is not true. If we possess a soul, if we create art, and do kind acts for others and pray, we are utilizing the spiritual in this physical realm and the outcomes are quite measurable. A famous quote aptly says, "we are not human beings having a spiritual experience, we are spiritual beings having a human experience."

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