Paranormal Books

It's summer. Time to catch up on reading. If you have a Nook or Kindle or you have the free Kindle reader on your phone, iPad or PC/Laptop, then you should consider getting to know some of my works. I have over a dozen books published, so I will acquaint you with just what you're looking for -
All of these are available on Amazon, Kindle and Nook. 

Growing Up With Ghosts is my account and my family members, growing up in a very actively haunted 250-year-old estate in Northern Virginia that was used as a Civil War hospital for the North and South. It shows what it's like to have activity and what it's like to learn to live with it. It's a lovely moment in time in a most idyllic and unpredictable setting.

Paranormal Geeks by Julie Ferguson and I, is a tribute to Paranormal Geeks - those of us who are into all things paranormal and, as we like to say, "we outnumber the normal people."  We interviewed dozens of PGs and found out things like what classifications and degrees they are and how they live the lifestyle. There is a quiz to see if you're a PG, a list of rock stars in the PG world, and even a certificate.

Zombie Housewives of the 1960s is the second in the zombie housewives series. The original book from the 1950s era is Zombie Housewives of the Apocalypse. We are about to re-release that one, as well as Zombie Housewives of the 1970s. We take women's roles and a zombie scenario that suits the decade and its events and make it into a dark humor, graphically beautifully, and unsettling book series.
"A dead woman's work is never done"

"Abandoned Places: Abandoned Memories (Desert Edition)" Is the first in a coming series. This is an unusual and very popular book. Julie Ferguson photographed extensively 12 abandoned locations of a wide variety of types and I did a psychic read on a moment from the past, brought to life in stories. The stories drop you into the middle of the action and end in the middle of action, just like a psychic read. I explain a lot about psychometry and the locations, as well.

"Don't Go There! A Flash Horror Anthology" is one of my favorite books. I have a copy that I read when I want some creepy shorts. There are dozens of short stories of every variety of horror in it and some bonus stories where I tell about being alone in places no on ever wants to be alone in the dark at. The stories are timed out so you know how long they take to read.

I also write erotica horror under the name "Anna Melissa." My 7-story collection, "Philia: Sex in Dark Places" includes sex from the point of view of a man or a woman and include vampires, a shapeshifter, a ghost, a werewolf, a cemetery, a clown, and a mermaid.  The stories are also sold separately if you just want one certain story.

As well, I have titles such as:
"Was That a Ghost?" a book I wrote to help people determine if they encountered the paranormal or not.
"Josiah: Undead Cowboy" A horror fiction novella about an undead cowboy guarding a ghost town and vampires in the mine.
"Kickin' Up Dust! (Getting Lost To Find Ourselves)" A Thelma and Louise real life story of Julie Ferguson and I and how we met, went on paranormal adventures, came home and completely changed our miserable lives.
"Blogging Changed My Life!" My personal story of how blogging made me brave enough to change my entire life and made me confident. I share how to blog and all my tips as the author of the blog Ghost Hunting Theories.

There are a LOT more upcoming books including the first in a romantic horror novel series, an erotic horror novella, and a scifi horror, as well as another installment of the abandoned places books and a follow-up book to Paranormal Geeks, the redo of the original Zombie Housewives and the Zombie Housewives of the 1970s.