Mind Week On Ghost Hunting Theories

Do you have your head in the right place for paranormal investigations and for counseling clients? Do you have phobias that interfere with your life? Curious about the power of the psychic mind? Wonder about how to simply get out of your own way in your head and make things happen?

I have, for 23 years, given sponsorship and guidance for people with anxiety disorders and used to run a self-help group, gave workshops. lectures, and wrote articles printed around the world on the subject. I am also a psychic. These experiences in counseling and reframing and interpreting things have helped me to give y'all a week of all things - mind.

I hope that somewhere in the posts this week, you are inspired, get a new perspective or simply learn something you never knew.

I also will be putting up humor posts each day, as well, because laughter is the best stress reliever and best way to impart perspective. 

Next post comes up soon today -