LAUGH: Fact Or Faked: Vicious Circle

This is a new twist on my LAUGH series poking loving fun at the paranormal shows. This one deals with a dilemma that FoF might just run into…

BEN: Team, we just got this awesome footage of a flying humanoid. I think we should pursue this case.

BILL: I agree!

JAEL: Definitely!

BEN: I say we take Austin and rig him up and make him ride a zip line and see if that might be our culprit. Everyone ready to set this up and film?

Sounds like a blast!

BEN: Well, team, I think we can say this might be explainable. Austin did an excellent job of showing us how it could be done.

BILL: Everyone, I have new footage of another flying humanoid I think we should pursue.

JAEL: (frowning) That looks strangely familiar.

BEN: Yeah, I was thinking the same thing, Jael. These damn things all look like people on zip lines. When was it filmed?

BILL: Some guy shot in, actually in the same place you three went and experimented, same date too.

BEN: That’s weird. Maybe there’s an epidemic. We should probably investigate this.

PRODUCER: Guys, this is not worth investigating.

BEN: Why’s that?

PRODUCER: Because that’s footage of Austin on a zip line. The man who filmed it thought there was a real flying humanoid. In fact, many of the videos we’re receiving lately appear to be your own experiments. Check out this one.

BEN: That’s awesome! It’s one of those triangle UFOs that are so popular now.

JAEL: (frowns) I don’t know, guys. This looks really familiar.

PRODUCER: It might look familiar because it’s our helicopter experiment in the desert, remember? Someone saw it and thought it was a UFO. (shakes his head). We seem to be corrupting the videos that come to us to be investigated. In fact, I hate to admit it, but the last two UFO incidents you went to investigate were your own experiments.

BEN: (thinks a moment) Well, did we manage to debunk them?

PRODUCER: (throws up his hands and walks away)