Julie's and My Adventured Continued!

We headed out from Morgantown, WV up the mountain passes and fog to Hagerstown to have a crab lunch with my brother's childhood best friend. His story was in my Growing Up With Ghosts book - the one who witnessed the blue fog and chill.

We did a LOT of urban exploration and photography - We have more than enough for our next Abandoned Places: Abandoned Memories (Appalachia Edition) book. In fact, I started writing it because I'm so stoked! This book will not only have the locations in beautiful photography and the psychic reads, but also info on urban exploration, why cemeteries are haunted, and tons of extras!

 We headed on to Gettysburg and are staying at the Federal Pointe Inn, a wonderful historic inn. We're going out this evening with a friend who does reenactments who knows the hot spots for ghosti-ness. In fact, this room we're staying in has a wonderful sandy-haired slender man who is more of a gentleman than a killer and I believe his name was Randolph - his last name, I believe. Did I mention he was a Civil War spirit???

Next, heading to Pittsburgh!


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