Julie's and My Adventure Continues!

We went to Gettysburg. Man, that place has really become a HUGE tourist mecca. Not sure what I think of that, but at least the old buildings are maintained and the battlefields.

We stayed at the Federal Pointe Inn. Very very nice old historic building. They had tea and scones in the afternoon from 3-4. Even seemed to have a potential spirit in the room - I called him Randolph, with sandy hair, slender, a lady's man. He stole my covers 5 times during the night and left them in various spots.

The battlefield at night was amazing. Seriously magical. Got two distinct psychic reads there. Unusual, unexpected. Had what I would describe as 3 soldiers walking right through me - hard to sort it all out. Then, sensed a very big man with his arms crossed, black curly hair, studying us as we stood down the berm. He had a feel about him as if he were going to charge us if we came closer. I broke into goosebumps and deep chills - only do that when something is going to physically interact, so I left the area.

We plan to go to the cemetery from "Night of the Living Dead" and then have supper with some friends in the area. Should be a nice closing to the vacay/paranormal trek.


  1. Randolph was letting you know it was too warm for covers! Haha


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