Julie's and My Adventure Continued

We had a simple trek to Charleston, but holy smokes! I listened to my inner intuition and we took the serendipity express!

Saw a sign for Sharon, WV.  We had to take that exit! I saw a church on the hill and said, "Wow! Must photograph!" We went to photograph the abandoned church and the man working on taking the sign down told us that it was going to be demolished in a week or so. His wife came up and invited us to tour the abandoned parson's house next door and the church both and photograph them to put into our abandoned book. Wow! To top off the coincidences, it was a Methodist church, the church of my childhood. When we told her we'd give her a signed copy of the book, she gave us the P.O. box address which was for Miami, WV. Ironically, our first abandoned book had many locations in Miami, AZ. It's a wild world of coincidences and serendipity when you listen to the inner voice.

Church cornerstone above.

Today, we are headed for Point Pleasant and Moundsville. Can't wait to share!


  1. Great adventures you two have!

    p.s. i'm glad you changed it to "Julie's and My...."

  2. Love this series. Looking forward to the book.

  3. Couldn't make out cornerstone inscription, also do you have a picture taken looking straight on the front of the church at Sharon? Please reply to pgeithner @aol.com


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