Julie and I Hit the Road To Chase the Weird and Unexplained!

Julie and I will be reporting back on here, on our Twitter and Facebook accounts about our trek through Appalachia.

We plan to do some Bigfooting, photographing abandoned buildings and cemeteries (expect a new edition of our Abandoned Places: Abandoned Memories series based on unusual abandoned Appalachian places), hitting an abandoned prison, an ancient Adena burial mound, Point Pleasant, Gettysburg, and even the cemetery from Night of the Living Dead.

You can find my YouTube channel, Facebook page and Twitter links on the left side of this blog if you want to follow up to the minute photos and sharing of some truly ridiculous, goofy, beautiful, scary, and crazy things including some nightvision filming in the woods, in search of Bigfoot and an abandoned cemetery -

You can always expect the unexpected from us and we hope to share it with you and make it so real that you decide to take your won unexpected treks in search of paranormal geek exploration.

No, Dale the Doll is not allowed -

I would also like to thank my house sitting couple for filling in, but please wash the sheets when I come home.


  1. Have fun! Looking forward to seeing what you and Julie find out there...

  2. sounds like an awesome time. I've been itching for a road trip myself lately.

  3. Dale might be great for emergencies ...
    Ya know, you might need to start a fire?
    Make sure you bring plenty of matches!


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