Growing Up With Ghosts

I'm very proud to have gotten such a wonderful response to my book "Growing Up With Ghosts."
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I've been hearing from the people in my hometown who remember when they were kids, trying to sneak up and see the place but also scared of it. I am glad the book reveals to them what the place truly was, a haven for my family and for all the soldiers who died there when it was a Civil War hospital for both the North and South.

It was an idyllic setting to raise 5 rambunctious kids and our parents did a great job of allowing this all to be quite normal and natural, especially for me, the baby who was raised there since I was first toddling. The attitude my family had to the comings and goings of the ghosts from the past set a precedence that formed my attitude about ghosts and counseling those who are being haunted.

Do you want to know what it's like to grow up in a haunted house? You might want to join the others and find out.