Freemasons & Death Row: 33rd Parallel and Air Force Bases

Geez, like I don’t already run into weird info all the time, but I was looking up the other day what was along the 33rd parallel. I’ve written about this before, but it’s believed that the #33 is important to freemasons and the 33rd parallel seems to be tied to some of the most trouble and death-prone and violent places in the world such as Iraq, South Africa, Monocco, India, Pakistan, China, Japan, Israel, Tunisia, Libya, Algeria, Beirut, Syria, Jordan,(and death row chambers as well—more on that later). Well, while looking them up, I found some other interesting information. When I see patterns, I always wonder why…

The Freemasons for some bizarre reason seem to have Masonic temples within a couple miles of a great many of the death rows in our country. Not that it’s that unusual, mind you, except when you consider most death rows are put off the beaten path so locals don’t get too insulted. I’m sure there’s probably Starbucks within a few miles of most death rows, but Masonic temples aren’t exactly on every corner. You wonder just how many there are? Here’s only a few of them:

Oregon State Penn: Masonic Temple 1.69 miles away
Florence Prison, AZ: Masonic Temple 1.2 miles away
Huntsville, TX: Masonic Temple 0.9 miles away
Raleigh NC: Masonic Temple 3.3 miles away
Carson City, NV: Masonic Temple 2.26 miles away

As well, I noticed the amount of Air Force Bases along the 33rd parallel is strangely high:

Roswell NM
Riverside CA
Sherman TX
Greenville Mississippi
Columbus Mississippi
Biloxi Mississippi
Sumpter SC
Myrtle Beach, SC
Fukuoka Japan (was the site of an afb)
Atlanta GA
Augusta, GA
Baghdad, Iraq

And, guess what? Considering how few death row chambers we have, there appears to be a strangely high ratio on just one parallel latitude; 33rd:

Florence AZ
Jackson, GA
Parchman Mississippi
Columbia, SC

Of course, what all this means is up to you, but I’ve given some puzzle pieces. I’d be curious to hear what your theories are on it…


  1. All things are for a reason you arent crazy.


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