FLIR of a Bigfoot?

A video was shared with me, taken On June 13, 2013 by Karl Sup (co-author of the Horizontally Dynamic Foot Theory and audio specialist working with MK Davis). Karl was in Illinois and decided to spend some time outdoors checking out an area he believed showed promise, the Prairie Path South of the town of Algonquin. There were nearby corn fields and a river. The conditions were ideal for Sasquatch.

At just after midnight on a week night, he headed into the woods on the trail with his FLIR thermal imaging camera. He came upon a heat signature in the curve of the trail ahead. He gave out a small "whoop" and the figure raised its head to see. The area was dark and visibility was extremely difficult, but on the thermal, Karl could see the figure duck back down. He proceeded to call out a Native American word and another whoop. The figure was crouched and swaying. As he got the figure onto the thermal screen in full, it stood up and walked away.

What is odd about this is the location, the time of night, and the fact the figure had no flashlight or means to see the trail. It also had a uniform color that is unusual when wearing clothing. Karl believes the dark looking head was the result of very thick hair blocking the heat signature. Although the figure has no size comparison, it does appear slender on the FLIR imaging.

For comparison - here is a naked person on FLIR and a person in clothing on FLIR -

Watch this whole film and see what you think.


  1. You know. I don't really think it's a sighting.

    You can really tell when it stands up, that it's a man, and you can kind of see the way his clothing is hanging on him... It almost appears as it walks away, he has his hands in front of him, in pockets... I'm wondering what type of clothing this person is wearing...

    Just my two cents.

  2. Agree its a man. Sorry.


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