Bigfoot Tests People

A simple hike in the woods could render many clues that the usual fast-paced, focused human will miss. These clues are left behind by Bigfoot and meant to test you.  Think of our cryptid cousins as the ultimate skeptics. There are few hairless ones that they wish to get close to because they know our nature and they know their very lives depend on retaining their secretive ways. That does not, however, mean they aren't as curious about our lives and habits as we are about theirs.

From time to time, in a camping situation or in a rural home setting, a Bigfoot will decide you would make an interesting test subject. For a shy people who do not wish to be out in the open, Bigfoot "whisper" rather than "shout" their clues. 


I know of a woman in West Virginia who left food on a tree stump by the forest. If the Bigfoot ventured into her yard and messed with her belongings, she left no food. If they stayed on their side of the land, they received rewards. I do not think gifting food is a good idea because we do not want Bigfoot to think that every human is a potential source of food or that all humans are good. Exchanging signs and communication, however, is something that is worthy of attempting.

You are likely to come upon X's and arches the most often in the woods. Some, you can see nature intended, others are purposefully designed. Most often, these signs run in a positioning that you can follow them. Whether they are intended as markers for their own kind or to test our observation is impossible to tell, but many have reported finding offerings of a kind, whether it's a shell, a slaughtered animal or flowers.

Leaving a pile of straight sticks for shapes to be designed is one good offering, as is drawing in the dirt. Try to draw the outline of a hand or a small circle within a much larger circle. The hope is that the hand signifies a universal acceptance and if the Bigfoot are like others around the country, the medicine wheel is a familiar sign, they will complete your drawing by intersecting it with two lines to form a cross. 

Bigfoot is also curious about our attention to children, pets and the elderly. These are signs of trust and respect. If a rural home finds that their shed has been pilfered or their garden has been picked, there is no need to do anything but continue on as before. With time and observation, the Bigfoot will know what homes have trustworthy occupants who are not obtrusive and which ones are aggressive and protective of their stuff. Part of the testing process can often be to see if the occupants confront, retreat, or pretend not to notice.  If you're feeling ambitious, consider leaving a tablet of paper with charcoal and draw something simple on it, like the hand, a stick figure of the sun.

Some people take to the woods to sing or play instruments, hoping to garner curiosity and they do. They earn trust each time they come back and adhere to the rules. The rules are to not stare, to stay where you are. They will come as close as they wish, but they do not want you doing anything unpredictable, so follow the same routine each time. If you wish, gift them with dandelion chains, seashells, or a wooden carving.

If you are alert enough to see the signs of squatch land, adhere to the rules of being nonintrusive, quiet, and respectful. The more good experiences they have with us hairless ones, the more we might be able to get a true dialogue going. The first face to face communications will be groundbreaking, but for now, it's one bit of trust earned at a time in the language of signs.

I highly suggest this video and these books to learn more about interactions with Bigfoot. 

Sierra Sasquatch: Tracking a Legend (DVD) by Jaime Avalos
The Locals (Book) by Thom Powell
Sasquatch Rising 2013: Dead Giants Tell No Tales (book) by Christopher Noel
Enoch: A Bigfoot Story (book) by Autumn Williams