Bigfoot Researchers

What does it take to be a truly beneficial Bigfoot researcher?

I have said it often and it is true, I could count on one hand the Bigfoot researchers I truly trust implicitly but that is because of my criteria and because I need to know their work and their contributions before I can make any summations.

How do I rate the Bigfooters?

I don't mind if a Bigfoot researcher writes book. I like that they share info. I don't mind that they have radio shows or go to conventions and schmooze. They are also looking for info.

Troubling Signs -

Attacking other researchers in the public eye: Aggressively, mocking them, calling them out by name, calling them liars, cheats and belittling them, giving away personal secrets, calling them names, et cetera. Instead of contributing to research and knowledge, they tear those around them down. I think we all know some very publicity hungry BF community folks who fit those descriptions. I am always highly suspicious of those who have to tear down others in the field. They are insecure and desperate. A true researcher doesn't care what others are saying, they are focused on the project, not ego driven, but passion-driven.

Monetizing up the wazoo: They might want to charge you for tours, have you join their group for a price, complain about needing equipment or cash, want to "borrow" your stuff. If they complain about finances all the time, then there is some crazy dream in their mind that they want to turn BF into an industry. I have run into people in the industry who think they can make a living off of Bigfooting. Good luck with that! They are desperate to land a show and make an income from Bigfoot.

Developing a reputation for turning on folks, getting drunk in public, sleeping around: If an individual is with one team/group/partner and then switches around regularly, leaving behind them a reputation for public drunkenness, drug issues, threats, sleeping around the community, and such, then they are to be avoided at all costs.

Pro-Kill/Capture:  This one goes without explaining.

Good Signs -

Not overly excitable or quick to call things black or white. These researchers contemplate the evidence, they don't jump onto the ridiculous Bigfoot rumor of the moment. No matter what happens day to day in the insane circus that is Bigfootery, they continue their research, their course, their priorities.

Doing the hard work in the field and in research. They aren't caught up in celebrity in themselves or worshiping and wanting to hang onto the celebrities in the field.Their respect isn't built up from who they hang with, but with the intelligence and earnest curiosity that shows in everything they do.

Have no issues with sharing knowledge, not proprietary.  Researchers that advise others, share their field knowledge and data, offer help and support, are ones that are not coming from the ego, but want to open the field to knowledge and

Some researchers I respect:

With their hearts and actions in the right places, I put on my most respected and trusted list; MK Davis, Jaime Avalos, Karl Sup, Eric Altman, JC Johnson, Brandon Garrett.

There are some that I have not gotten to know enough to consider on my top list, but I do respect their work and intentions; Autumn Williams, Thom Powell, Harvey Pratt, the late Bobbie Short, Ed Fusch, Robert Morgan, and Chris Noel.