Abandoned Places

Julie and I's 10-day trek through WV and PA fed our upcoming book, "Abandoned Places: Abandoned Memories (Appalachian Edition)" (second in our abandoned series). We found amazing abandoned sites, many we didn't use in the book, but loved photographing.

Expect this book to have some bonuses, besides photography and psychic readings from abandoned buildings - it will also include an abandoned item psychic read, explanations about why graveyards are haunted, how to plan an urbex trip and find great sites to photography, as well as safety tips, and more about the art of psychometry - psychically reading objects.


  1. when is the book due out and will it include names of towns and so on?

    1. We don't like to give directions to places just for the fact that it's unfair to property owners to drive other people to the site when we don't know who is going to be checking it out. We will give the towns, however.


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