Syfy's Weird Or What?

Thank you, Syfy - a show that doesn't involve the same tedious team exploring haunted locals or creepy mines or whatever the frag you think we want to watch. True sci-fi freaks want documentary style, conjecture, conspiracy theory!!!

Double episodes tonight on Syfy Channel of "Weird Or What?" hosted by charming William Shatner. He is just fun, fun, fun. He not only doesn't take himself too seriously, but he does a good job doing the voiceover hosting of the show.  I admit, my crush was on Spock during the Star Trek days, but he's freaking adorable now.

The episodes tonight involve "Monsters" which I am VERY much looking forward to and "End of World."

Last week, they showed aliens and cattle mutilations and afterlife.

This show has my thumbs up - finally! Well put together, well edited, and can keep my interest with intelligent conjecture. Give it a try and perhaps we will have to find some fun little weekly remind for this show - something to get you in the mood. Not sure it needs a drinking game or a lovesick diary like I do for Ghost Adventures and Destination Truth, but it definitely will need its own reminder -


  1. I have enjoyed the episodes I have seen so far, and look forward to more...but I am confused: I thought this was touted as a NEW show, and I had certainly not heard of it before, but my DVR says these episodes first aired more than a year ago! Do you know the truth of it?

  2. True. This show existed before on another channel, Discovery/History, I believe. It's new to Syfy.


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