Sex and the Single Ghost Hunter: Horror Moments I Want!

I've gone to a lot of places alone in the dark that many people would not, abandoned jail, haunted house, cemetery, abandoned building, the woods... But, there are plenty of horrifying moments I'd still like to experience.

Pushing the envelope for fear factor, I can't think of much more terrifying to me than camping completely alone in the woods. There is a vulnerability, between running into evil people who find out you're alone to bears and wild cats. I'm not even listing Bigfoot because the whole reason I'd do this is to hopefully have a little time alone in a nonthreatening way with one. It's that last person on earth sensation that would be really unsettling and what can't be seen past the ring of the campfire....

I'd like to see how I would hold up to being in a dungeon in an ancient castle that has seen an evil past, like Chillingham, and spend the night in there with nothing more than a candle and pack of matches. To call upon the ghosts, just me and no instruments to capture proof, just me hearing every sound, squinting against the dark corners of the cell, hearing faint voices....

I always wanted to find a white clapboard farmhouse in the middle of nowhere and project the movie "Night of the Living Dead" onto the exterior wall as friends and I picnic and watch it at night. I think being in the settling of the movie would make us all feel a bit nervous and uncomfortable being outdoors...

I would like to sleep in a graveyard.

If I could, I would spend the night alone where they store bodies in a morgue.

My dream is to have a writer's office inside a big old barn where rusty farm implements hang overhead on rusty chains and old carnival figures and rides are left to rest, clowns and dolls staring down on me as I write in the big open space with only a bare bulb overhead and the corners dark and murky. One wall might have photos of random people and look like a serial killer's trophy wall. On a windy night, I might leave the big doors open and let the squeaky hinges scream as I type away.

I want to touch a Bigfoot.

My dream would be to dig up an ancient giant skeleton.

An ultimate couple of expeditions would be to spend the night at Bluff Creek and Snelgrove Cabin in Canada.

Maybe I'd want go search for the supposed Egyptian tomb in the Grand Canyon.

Ultimately, a dream Halloween party would be the best thing ever, if I can make one that truly unsettles guests, with lightning and thunder outside, rain spraying at the windows, candlelight, creepy music, and an escaped maniac taunting us from outside.

And, then, there's the scenario involving some standing stones, a full moon, a torch light, chanting, and a man in a druid robe and hood. Oh, wait, that's not a horror fantasy...


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