Road Trip Horrors: Creepy Ass Towns

When plotting out road trips, including a pass through a creepy ass town is the ultimate! Creep out your family, get your kids interested in history and photography, and take some crazy family pics.

Bodie, California (Abandoned town)


The gold boom brought folks to Bodie, California where they built up a town around 1876.

This popular mining town saw a decline in population in the early 1900s and by 1940, there were only 90 residents.

Today, 170 buildings still remain in this historic site.  Because of the eerie look and feel of the park and the dark night sky, it is a popular nighttime photography place.

Salem, Massachusetts (Dark history)

Salem, Massachusetts is known for its past of witch hysteria and trials, but the town has got a reputation today based on being a congregating spot for pagans and new age shops, historic buildings and wonderful foods. Of course, that doesn't stop the visitors from wanting to do tours of the cemetery, ghosts and legends, witch tales and more. On a trade route, one of the oldest cities, and lots of visitors from around the world make it not only a creepy destination, but one that accommodates tourists easily.

Centralia, Pennsylvania (Toxic mess)

In the early 1960s, fires in the mines created an endless fire that could not be put out. Smoke still rises from the ground and the town had to be emptied out 50 years ago with a few die-hards remaining on, but it could burn for a very very long time and so it's been left to take its natural course. The movie Silent Hill was said to be based on the concept. 

Bodega Bay, California

The location for the movie "The Birds" by Alfred Hitchcock, The Goonies, The Fog, Sleepwalkers, The Pack, and Puppet Master.  The seaside town is positively gorgeous and small and charming. The perfect hiding spot from the world with mood and atmosphere.

Elk Falls, Kansas

This town is known as the "World's Largest Living Ghost Town." With a fair deal of abandoned buildings and a very tiny population, this town was forgotten and yet remains beautifully haunting.

Beartown, WV

Small towns in the Ozarks and Appalachia, the Wild West and abandoned ghost towns are always a sure thing for creep factor, but how about putting the family in the car and heading to towns with creepy names?

Bad Axe, Michigan
Scary, West Virginia
Dead Mans Crossing, Indiana
Devil's Corner, Michigan
Goblintown, Virginia
Frankenstein, Missouri
Hell, Michigan
Ghost Creek, Texas
Satan's Kingdom, Massachusetts
Skull Valley, Arizona
Sleepy Hollow, New York
Spiderweb, South Carolina
Tombstone, Arizona


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