Oddities Week: Sex and the Single Ghost Hunter

It's oddities week and Sex and the Single Ghost Hunter Friday -
So, let's talk about oddities.

I met a man who was handsome, had a steady job, in great shape, real nice. But, he was also a kind of a bland guy with no interests, hobbies, not really sure what he was. He had no quirks of personality. He had no accent. He had few facial expressions. He wasn't into horror, paranormal, going to carnivals, stargazing, collecting movie memorabilia, or any other oddities that would make him, well, interesting or even memorable.

A man who can wear a tatt or a hat - 

Oddities are what make someone a complete character. Any author knows that their characters must have little quirks to make them seem real. A guy who likes to see every episode of MST3000 and gets excited to do bumper cars is quirky. Another man who can repeat verses of Poe and likes to beachcomb with a metal detector is delightful.

Oddities. They make someone more human.. It's the things we become obsessed about or excited about that make us a-dorkable beings. I like a man who has lots of interests and hobbies or quirks and geek qualities. I'm never quite sure what to do with someone with no dreams, no escapes, no focus, no passion.

It goes without saying, but the more interesting a guy's mind, the more handsome he is to the female. In fact, it's the quirks and oddities that make him seem human and almost child-like or vulnerable and accessible, curious and excited about life. That energy is addictive.

The single best test for a man who is quirky enough? If he can play "what if?" and he comes up with exceptionally creative responses.


  1. What if the real secret to quirks is still being young at heart? :)

  2. Very interesting post. Been following your blog for a few days now to see whether it held my interest and was any different than the others I follow on these topics. This one sealed the deal for the very reasons you state in the article. Very off the road well traveled, outside the box, and very well said.


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