Oddities Week: Radiation Birth Defects

Near Fukishima Nuclear Plant in Japan they found mutations in butterflies. I know, I know, perhaps the earlier Godzilla movies were predicting Mothra before their time -

The Chernobyl disaster gave us lots of examples of how radiation can create aberrations. This makes me wonder at times if high radiation on earth actually created our form of life from something else and we are


Let us not forget what radiation does to humans - such a tragedy -


  1. Ma'am,

    This is probaly the wrong post to say this on, fairly heavy post (and very good), but:

    I heard you on Beyond the Edge, great interview, and have checked out GHT - I like it a lot, wish you the best success, and have added you to my little blogroll. Thanks!

  2. Thank you. I hope you enjoy the blog. There is a LOT of content here, been doing it 5 years with lots of passion for the subjects.


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