Oddities Week: Bigfoot Hybrid?


Julia Pastrana from (1834 to 1860) from Sinaloa, Mexico

Condition: Hypertrichosis - a body covered in thick dark hair.
Double row of teeth

She bred with a "normal" man and produced a baby with her same conditions that didn't live long. She died soon after birth of complications. Confused physicians of the time thought she was a hybrid of an orangutan and a human mating. Interestingly, her origins were sketchy. A man purchased her from a woman who might have been her mother. Father is unknown. He taught her to dance and play music and touted her as a bearded lady. She learned to read and write in several languages and married her owner and bred with him. The child was born with her same features and died three days later. Julia died soon after of complications of childbirth.

In a horrifying turn of events, the man who married her, had her and his dead son both mummified and put under glass for display. Amazingly, this creepy man found another woman just like her, married her and became wealthy exhibiting her. He later went insane and was put away.

The mummies disappeared from public view. After many horrible changes of hands and awful fates for her remains, her body was sent back to Mexico and buried in Sinaloa de Leyva, the area of her home.

Was she a potential hybrid with Bigfoot? Who was her father? The mystery remains, but I would actually admit to believing that she was indeed.

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  1. I think I'm coming down with Hypertrichosis in my old age. I've got hair growing in places that seriously don't need hair.


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