Legends Week: Shark Attacks!

Sunday of Memorial Day Weekend, I always like to do a marathon of "Jaws "movie and drink beer, eat ice cream and seafood, and remember the summer of 75. "Jaws" is my favorite movie of all time. I think it is perfection in the legend it brings to life, the acting, cinematography, unfolding of the story, dialogue, characters, and it provided everything we could want and more!

Shark statistics?

Not bad, the US has 51 attacks a year, but only 3 deaths. Florida is the #1 state for them, but considering the warm water, large population of swimmers, and enormous amount of beachfront - yeah, I'm not surprised. Brazil has the most of anywhere in the world. The Bahamas, Africa and Australia also have a great many of the percentages.

Do you have a chance of surviving a shark attack?  Here's some tips?

The greatest shark legend ever is the one told in the classic movie "Jaws."

The movie was so epic and so amazing - you're going to enjoy this inside look into the filming of it -


  1. Watching a Jaws marathon and drinking beer...





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