Legends Week: The Hook

One of the most beloved urban legends of all time is "The Hook."

We Americans love our urban legends. This classic old-time one goes like this; a couple on lover's lane listening to music and making out, hear an announcer come on to warn that a serial killer has just escaped from a nearby institution and has a hook on his right hand. He admonishes everyone to lock their doors and
stay inside. The girl gets scared and begs her boyfriend to leave when she hears sounds outside. When they arrive home, they find the hook caught in the car door handle.

Many variations have been done of this theme, but it seemed to serve as a cautionary tale for young adults and the dangers in the world, especially when you're not focused on your environment.


  1. I read a theory a while back about The Hook being a story warning about the um, risks, of young couples hanging out in cars late at night.


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