Greatest Horror Moments Week: Guess the Phobia

See if you can guess these troublesome phobias by a few hints:

1. Caligynephobia: This phobia might keep a man from being in the audience for a Miss Universe Pageant.
2. Cherophobia: You won’t find this guy at a New Year’s party or an office Christmas party.
3. Didaskaleinophobia: This one strikes millions of children the day of a test for which he has not studied for.
4. Ereuthrophobia: This sufferer will never do anything that might embarrass her and also would avoid meeting her favorite movie star.
5. Hylophobia: Robin Hood, park rangers, and Grizzly Adams do not suffer from this at all.
6. Leukophobia: If you have this, you probably push your bread and cauliflower off the plate.
7. Logizomechanophobia: If you have this, what in the world are you reading this post on?
8. Mottephobia: This fear will keep you well away from outdoor lights at night (and you might want to wear a necklace of cedar chips).
9. Myxophobia: The worst thing that could happen to this woman is to show up at the Nickelodean awards when they have a vat over a presenter’s head.
10. Phasmophobia: This one is not conducive to paranormal research.
11. Sesquipedalophobia: The very word for this condition would scare the person who has this phobia.
12. Syngenesophobia: This excuse will only get you out of so many family reunions.
13. Vestiphobia: The happy people at the nudist camp claim to suffer from this one.
14. Xerophobia: You won’t move to the desert if you have this one.
15. Zeusophobia: This guy might just be an atheist.

(answers below)

Anyone who’s suffered from phobias knows that there are the common ones; heights, public speaking, crowds, snakes, bugs, and flying. But, did you know that there are some very specific phobias that people can get? Ones that are so unusual they put things into perspective for those who suffer the more common ones. Some folks are limited by the ability to write in front of others for fear their hands will shake or afraid to eat in public in case they have to throw up. How we go about getting phobias is as individual as the person who gets them.

When a person has a phobia, it follows a typical cycle. You hear you might have to face this dread thing, you tell yourself something about it, and then it results in bodily reactions that are uncomfortable and incite more fear. Once you get the thoughts going, the hands sweat, the heart pounds, the stomach flip-flops, and you begin to tremble and shake your head “no.” You’re not about to do it. After all, look at how it makes you feel? Actually, it doesn’t make you feel that way, your thoughts do.

Phobias are incredibly straightforward to treat and there’s no need to suffer. In the old days, they might immerse you in your fear without any mind tools to deal with it, thus sealing your phobia into permanency. Today, we know that it's a combination of exposure with brain training that works like a charm. Just a few short sessions with a cognitive-behavioral therapist and you can see amazing results.

It all goes back to your inner dialogue. Once you conquer the thoughts in your head and master your mind, it results in perfectly logical emotions and decisions. The thing phobics truly dread the most is what’s going on internally when they face their fear; body sensations, racing thoughts, and the big one “I can’t handle this.” (An inner statement that seems to be at the heart of phobics psyche.) It’s sort of a metaphor for other things that may be going on in their lives such as a woman afraid of elevators and closed spaces feels trapped in her marriage. A person who hates to fly can’t relinquish control to another human being.

Of course, getting over a phobia involves doing the dreaded deed, but it also means realizing that the world doesn’t end, you don’t go crazy or die or embarrass yourself, and guess what? You have control over your own thoughts and thus your own emotions. Once you learn that, you can conquer anything including long-put-off goals.

1. Fear of beautiful women
2. Fear of gaiety
3. Fear of going to school
4. Fear of blushing
5. Fear of forests
6. Fear of the color white
7. Fear of computers
8. Fear of moths
9. Fear of slime
10. Fear of ghosts
11. Fear of long words
12. Fear of relatives
13. Fear of clothing
14. Fear of dryness
15. Fear of God.